Causes And Relief Of Index Finger Joint Pain

Let’s Face It, Index Finger Joint Pain Sucks!

Many people often suffer from unexplained index finger joint pain. There may be different causes of this disruption.  The most common reason a person gets joint pain is due aging and arthritis.  Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that leads to stiffness, swelling, and the deformation of joints.  Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that effects cells that lubricate most joints in the body.  Another form of arthritis, osteoarthritis, may only effect a single joint, like in the finger.

Doctors have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis in the fingers and hands.  It is an extremely common disorder that affects a large amount of Americans throughout all ethnic backgrounds.  Women are more likely to suffer from this form of arthritis.  It has been linked to genetics, environmental factors, and hormone levels.

Index finger joint pain has a great impact on even the most basic daily activities.  Finger joints are needed for grabbing and pinching objects.  Therefore, simple tasks like holding a drinking glass or using a fork, knife, or spoon, can be very difficult.

Post traumatic arthritis is very similar to osteoarthritis. It is brought on by injury that results in a slow loss of cartilage surrounding the joints.  Pain and loss of movement are two results.  Gout, psoriasis, and other infections may also trigger this form of arthritis.

What’s the Best Treatment?

Doing regular exercise is essential to improve flexibility in the fingers and the hands.  Painful joints must be allowed to rest.  Sometimes a splint may be placed on the effected index finger to help the pressure that arises during flare ups.

There are a number of treatments that a person with index finger joint pain can do to ease the ache.  To begin, a person can perform a walking exercise with the pointer and middle finger.  This will add strength and flexibility to the fingers.  It will ease strain caused by a gripping motion.  It may also help to play a piano or act as though the fingers are playing a piano.

Look At Your Diet

A person may also find that changing their diet may relieve index finger joint pain.  Staying away from foods that bring on inflammation will help.  There are actually certain foods that lower inflammation.  Vitamins D, flax oil, and omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, will definitely help people with arthritis.

When diet and exercise are not totally effective at easing joint pain, medical intervention may be necessary.  Doctors must conduct regular check ups to make sure that the problems are not getting worse.  Sometimes a physical therapist may be needed to help a person with joint pain and help then to develop a routine to ease the problem.  There are also many pharmaceutical medications available that ease many types of severe arthritis.  Common over the counter pain relievers can also be used.

Besides medicine, there are also many devices that can help to alleviate joint pain in the hands.  Medical supply stores and the internet can be a good source to find items that can be of great help.  It may also be wise to choose lightweight cups, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils that will not over strain the fingers,

When rheumatoid arthritis is at the center of finger pain, ice and moist heat may be a way to ease the aches.  The heat will help to dilate the blood vessels and heighten the flow of oxygen in the blood.  Ice may b useful to lessen swelling and pain by doing just the opposite.  Ice will constrict the vessels.  Alternating the two will bring the most relief.

There are certain things that can aggravate joint pain in the index finger.  Sports such as tennis an golf have the potential to cause pain in the hands due to the gripping motion of a club or a racquet.  It may be wise to participate carefully in these activities when finger joint pain is present.  If a person does play these sports and suddenly develops pain in the finger, it may mean that a tendon has been pulled or even worse.  If it does not heal on its own, it may be necessary to consult a doctor.

Index finger joint pain can be extremely difficult to deal with.  People often take their hands for granted and rarely realize how much a person uses their fingers.  If the pain comes on suddenly, it may be a result of a sports injury or strain on the area.  If it develops over time and is accompanied by other joint pain, it is possible to be a form of arthritis.  When this is the case, there are many forms of treatment that are available.

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